AFP ICON 2020 Speaker Micro-Learning Videos

Anthony Petchel: Turning Donors into Advocates

Anthony Petchel, Director of Philanthropy and Communications for Reach CDC explains how to walk that delicate line of turning donors into advocates

AFP ICON 2020 Session

Advocacy and Philanthropy: Turning Donors Into Powerful Advocates
March 29
4:00pm - 5:15pm

Our nonprofit organizations can no longer afford to stay silent on the public policies that affect our missions and the communities we serve. As fundraisers, we are positioned to engage our donors and help them become powerful advocates for our causes and system change. In this session, we will address the myths and fears around nonprofits engaging in advocacy, and hear from fundraisers who, through effective advocacy, have developed deeper donor relations while increasing giving and donor loyalty.

Gen Shaker and Sarah Nathan: Cultivating Fundraisers

Gen Shaker and Sarah Nathan of The Lilly School of Philanthropy share their research in applying donor cultivation and stewardship techniques to attract top fundraising talent to your organization.

AFP ICON 2020 Session

The Right Stuff: Innovative Approaches for Recruiting Fundraising Staff
March 30
10:15am - 11:30am

Talented and skilled fundraisers are in perpetual demand. How do you find the right ones for your organization? This session provides research-based tools and strategies for effective hiring from recruitment and screening to interviewing and selection. Join us to learn new and creative approaches to this essential activity.

Lynne Wester: Event Focus

Lynne Wester shares what's most important to focus on when inviting people to events.

AFP ICON 2020 Session

Elevate Your Event Experiences
March 31
10:15am - 11:30am

Events are all about memory making, and you are the memory makers. Moving your attendees to emotion is your goal, but they can’t be emotional if they’re not immersed in the experience. You don’t need large budgets to get the essentials right, you need to prioritize what matters to your guests. Come join us as we explore best practices for bringing interactive experiences to life at events!

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